Feets of Strength

A guide to great socks

great wool socks

Bombas - Merino Wool Calf Socks

Putting on a pair of Bombas merino wool socks reminds me of stepping into a warm cloud. On some mornings, putting on a fresh pair of these socks comes with a little hit of dopamine, a burst of energy, a confidence that says today I am putting my best foot forward. Simple design, myriad colors, solid construction. These are my ride of dies, both on workdays and weekends. $18.

Darn Tough Boot Cushions

Darn Tough Boot Cushion Sock

Darn Tough's boot cushion socks are widely regarded as the best pair of hikers out there. Durable, comfortable, the pair of socks you'd want with you in the apocalypse. Worth every part of the price. $25.

Mast Country Store - Hiker Crew

Mast General Store - Light Hiker Crew

I bought 4 pairs of these at the Mast Country Store in Asheville, NC several years ago. I've been surprised by the resilience of these socks. They've been through hell but keep popping back up. When I bought them, the clerk said that the great thing about wool socks is that, "they're so tough you don't have to wash em." I recommend washing; I think these might last forever. Buy 3 get 1. $10.